Burford Capital announces findings from 2016 Litigation Finance Survey

09th May 2016

Third Party Litigation Funder, Burford Capital conducted a survey of law firms and in-house lawyers in the US, revealing continued industry growth. The survey found that “75 percent of outside counsel and 61 percent of clients predict that litigation finance will grow in the next five years”.

A recent U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform report, Before the Flood: An Outline of Oversight Options for Third Party Litigation Funding (TPLF) in England & Wales, highlights that as the litigation funding industry has continued to grow, so have concerns and risks.

The report reviews the overarching themes and issues regarding the use of TPLF in litigation, and why meaningful government oversight is desirable, particularly in the areas of capital adequacy, limits on recovery, responsibility for adverse costs, and disclosure and transparency.