Director of Dutch Claim Foundation Sentenced to Two Years in Jail for Stealing from Claimants 

18th Jan 2022

According to De Telegraaf, a Dutch Court has sentenced Ferdy Roet, the director of a Dutch claim foundation, to two years in prison for embezzlement, tax fraud, and money laundering.


Roet collected millions of Euros in fees from 194,000 claimants for a collective case against the Dutch national lottery when it was revealed that the chances of winning the lottery were lower than expected. The amount each claimant paid to join the claim was based on the number of lottery tickets they purchased.


Roet allegedly used the fees collected from the claimants to buy luxury cars, such as a Rolls Royce, and loaned himself millions to pay for the mortgage on a villa in Bergen. Roet located his claim foundation overseas in Guernsey and falsified invoices in order to pay as little taxes as possible.


The prosecutor in the case said as director of the foundation, Roet “created a foreign piggy bank for himself.”


Roet will appeal the ruling. Meanwhile, the claim foundation will attempt to recover the money embezzled by Roet in civil court.