Labour’s new shadow defence minister alleged to have accepted donations from claimant law firm

13th Jan 2016

Labour’s new shadow defence minister Emily Thornberry has been linked in the press to claimant law firm Leigh Day, which was recently referred to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal following criticisms of the firm’s actions (which it refutes) in relation to legal claims made alleging human rights violations by soldiers serving in Iraq. The case was previously highlighted by the Justice not Profit campaign. The reports indicate that Thornberry accepted donations from Leigh Day in 2014 to fund a research assistant for her office. Tory MP Stewart Jackson reportedly asked in the House of Commons “Will my Right Honourable Friend agree with me that it’s more than a matter of regret that the new shadow secretary of state for defence has seen fit to take a donation from the immoral, thieving and ambulance chasing lawyers Leigh Day, who together with public interest lawyers specialise in hounding our brave service personal in Iraq on spurious claims?”. Prime Minister David Cameron is also said to have noted that Leigh Day has “questions to answer”.

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